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Terri has been in the Beauty Industry since 1985, coming by it honestly growing up in her family's salon. Needless to say... Making people feel beautiful is in her blood. While owning her first salon in 1990, and now her second, Z Best Hair and Nail Salon since 1996, she's always had a itch to up the bar. She's always had the desire to open Z-Boutique, and it finally happened in October 2016. (Like she needed one more iron in the fire, haha.) Who would've thought that iron, would now be a SMOKIN' HOT Brick & Mortar Storefront, an Online Boutique, and an uprising Mobile Boutique named "Blanche". While FAMILY is at the base of Z-Boutique's core, we are a completely FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED Boutique. With the help of Terri's 3 daughters (Brooklynn, Bergandi, & Katlin), we aren't short any ring leaders running this circus! 

"Behind every SUCCESSFUL Woman, there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."


Meet the Owner

Rawley James













Meet "Blanche"

"Crying is for plain women... Pretty women go shopping." - Blanche Devereaux (The Golden Girls) 

And that is the quote that started the great adventure. Who doesn't like shopping? The even better question... Who doesn't like shopping when the shopping can come to you? That's when Z-Boutique made the jump to go MOBILE and run our retail on the road in 2019! You can now catch "Blanche" at local Events, Rodeos, Fairs, and whatever else may come our way. "Blanche" showcases all of what Z-Boutique holds dear. The uniqueness of shopping on the road, but still having that intimate, one-on-one shopping experience. The fun doesn't stop on the outside, wait till you see what the inside holds! Ranging from Clothing, to Accessories, Shoes, Novelties, to Handbags, and even some things for our Men too! "Blanche' is bound to have something for everyone, and even features an adorable dressing room to always ensure the PERFECT fit! Being MOBILE means we are constantly on the go, if we are not based at our home location of Z-Boutique, we are on the road! Have an event you want to see "Blanche" at, contact us! Want to know where you can find us next? FOLLOW US on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!
Until then... Let the Adventures Begin!

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